Home Security Facts and Tips: What You Need to Know

A burglary occurs in the United States about once every 14 seconds, according to FBI statistical research. A comprehensive security strategy can help you significantly reduce your risk for burglary, especially if you turn to professional alarm monitoring from ADT.

Here are some more burglary facts based on FBI research:

  • The vast majority of break-ins involve entry through a primary door, as opposed to windows. ADT monitored home security equipment helps guard your home’s entry points, doors and windows alike, with special anti-intrusion sensors.
  • Most residential break-ins occur during daytime hours when homes are less likely to be occupied. ADT security monitoring helps protect your home whether you’re at the office or on vacation so that you can go about your life with greater peace of mind.
  • Most burglars spend just 8-12 minutes inside the home after gaining entry. The high-decibel alarm that comes with every ADT monitored security system has nearly as much volume as a police siren, so the device will disrupt a burglar’s plans to get in and out quickly without being noticed. Don’t forget that ADT dispatch operators are trained to provide rapid response and contact the local authorities on your behalf in an emergency.

The facts point to alarm systems playing a vital role in helping to protect American homes. You’ll also be interested to know that ADT monitoring prices are reasonable and affordable.

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Use home security tips to make your home and family safer

While a company like ADT can provide a valuable service, your own diligence plays an indispensable role. ADT home security monitoring is even more effective when it’s complemented by solid security habits.

Most burglars seek homes that seem like easy targets. Take the initiative and make your home a harder target.

  • Secure all doors and windows, including doors and windows in your garage. Neglecting to lock up is one way of putting out the welcome mat for intruders.
  • Keep valuable objects out of plain view, and keep curtains and blinds in your home closed to avoid attracting burglars.
  • Don’t leave house keys in obvious hiding places, like underneath doormats or flower pots.
  • Always activate your home alarm system when you come in for the night and before you leave the house each morning.

With the help of ADT security monitoring and your own initiative, you can do a great deal to deter burglary. Learn more about monitored home security by calling today.