ADT Home Security Monitoring: For People, Property and Peace of Mind

A home security system should be more than a simple noisemaker. With ADT monitoring, you get the benefits of sophisticated technology backed by electronic alarm monitoring – and the most experience in the industry.

ADT’s 24-hour monitoring center network is always at the ready to help you in the event of an emergency. With ADT, your monitored home alarm system is more than just an electronic device – it is a lifeline that allows you to get help in times of dire need.

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ADT monitoring centers handle emergencies quickly and efficiently

With ADT security monitoring, the process of getting help when you need it starts as soon as your monitored alarm system detects a potential threat.

If your monitored security system is triggered, the high-decibel alarm alerts you with a high-pitched wail. Meanwhile, the digital keypad sends a signal to one of ADT’s four interconnected Customer Monitoring Centers, where dispatch operators keep a continuous lookout for signs of trouble.

One of these dispatch operators will contact you to confirm the emergency. If you answer, provide your passcode and indicate that it was a false alarm, the alert is canceled. But if you don’t answer the dispatcher’s call, or if the person answering cannot properly identify themselves, the operator will send local authorities to your home to investigate the situation.

In a typical year, the ADT monitoring network responds to more than 29 million alarm signals and 50,000 crimes in progress. To help ensure comprehensive coverage for its customers, ADT interacts with about 38,000 emergency agencies across the United States, including law enforcement, fire departments and EMT services.

In the unlikely event that your nearest Customer Monitoring Center is at full capacity or is out of commission due to technical problems, alarm traffic will be re-routed to another monitoring center.

Threats covered by ADT monitored security

ADT monitored home security equipment offers multiple lines of defense against a number of hazards, including burglary. Optional equipment and features offer monitoring for other threats such as:

  • Fire
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Internal flooding

Experience the benefits of monitored home security

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